Two trees in this Knights of Pythias section of the cemetery have been classified champions by the Texas Forest Service and listed with the Dallas Historic Tree Coalition.

In 1995 the Shumard Red Oak (Quercus Shumardii) at left was designated TFS Metroplex Champion, meaning the largest of that species known in all of Dallas, Tarrant and eight adjoining counties. With a height of 70 feet this specimen had a crown spread of 95 feet and a trunk circumference of more than 177 inches at chest-height (4-1/2 feet from the ground). One of the oldest living things in the Garland area, the tree once sheltered hitching posts for mourners in the horse-and-buggy days.

The Incense Cedar (Libocedrus decurrens) standing 90 feet south earned the TFS State Champion designation in 1998, because there was none larger registered in Texas. Since this species is native to the U. S. Pacific coast, the origin of this tree is uncertain, but legend holds that W. B. Bell planted it near the family plot about 1932. At a height of 63 feet the cedar boasted a crown spread of 29 feet and a trunk circumference of 90 inches at chest-height.

Both trees grew in pathways established by the K of P fraternal order when they developed surrounding burial plots ca. 1900.