June 25, 1887
Mrs. Micawber (Garland)---"No, they may offer me a Supreme Judgeship, or wish to make me an Inter State Commissioner, but I'LL NEVER DESERT YOU, MR. MICAWBER!!"
Mr. Micawber (Cleveland)---"Oh, dear! I do hope something will turn up!"

Mrs. MicawberA. H. Garland, stung by corruption charges in the Pan- Electric case, is portrayed in a dress as Mrs. Emma Micawber, a character from Charles Dickens's novel David Copperfield. Rumors circulated that Garland might be removed from the Department of Justice, but consoled with a seat on the Supreme Court or the newly formed Interstate Commerce Commission. Garland's dancing character pledges first loyalty to her husband, represented as President Cleveland, who repeats Wilkins Micawber's optimistic refrain from the book, "I do hope something will turn up."