From the Garland History & Genealogical Society, Volume 6-Number 4, Summer 1995


BY :Church’s Worship Committee            

“This church was organized April 22, 1888, by the Rev. Benjamin Spencer, D.D. It was known as the First Cumberland Presbyterian Church of Garland, Texas. Sunday school and worship were held in the public school building.

J.T. Hays

S.A. Groves

N.P. Harris

Mrs. Joise Crossman

J.W. Salter

Mrs. R.V. Edwards

W.G. Groves

Mrs. W.S.Smallwood

J.S. Weaver

Mrs. M.E. Harris

Mrs. Emma Cherry

Mrs. N.E. Rogers

Mrs. Josie Rogers

S.J. Parker

S.A. Weaver


Mrs. Rachel Allen

Mrs. Chora Hays

J.C. Harris


A.P. Smallwood

Mrs. Willie Halsell

Mrs. G.N. Harris


S.U. Parker

J.N. Salter

Mrs. Bettie Hays


“The first elders elected and ordained were J.C. Harris, J.W. Salter and J.W. Weaver. The Rev. F.L. Rogers was first pastor.

“In 1896 the congregation purchased the land where the present sanctuary stands and built their first church building. Building committee members for this project were Brothers Halsell, Weaver, Naylor, Allen and Clark. The building stood until 1929 when the present brick structure was erected, replacing the wooden structure.

“The building committee—whose names are cut into the granite cornerstone were: C.A. Weaver,

Chairman; A.D. Jackson, Secretary and Treasurer; J.W. Rabb, Guy H. Bullock, Mrs. Ben Dyer, Mrs. Ray Campbell and Miss Ola Monroe.

“In 1901 the first manse was purchased. Twenty one years later, it was replaced by a manse which was located across the street from the sanctuary. In 1958, the present manse was purchased.

“In the spring of 1906, a union between the Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church USA gave this congregation a new name—First Presbyterian Church of Garland.

“In 82 years, this congregation has been served by 28 pastors. One pastor, the Rev. John N. Russell, served two different stints. The following men served as pastor:

F.L. Rogers

A.S. Blackwood

S.E. Kinnon

C.C. Hines

H.N. Cooley

H.E. Bullock

W.G. Beard

P.H. Waddill

J.M. Brooks

Geo. W. Fender

G.T. Morris

I.O. Woodall

L.A. Dunlap

S.M. McPhail

J.D. Hester

O.E. Hannawalt

John Collier

W.D. Johns

G.W. Jones

C. Kilbourn

S.B. Waldrop

John T. Price

H.A. Lynch

W.P. Kirby

Benjamin Spencer

C.P. Karrick

John Russell