From Garland Local History & Genealogical Society, Volume 5-Number 2, July 1977


Nov. 1, 1914


Terms and Conditions Under Which

Service is Furnished by

This Exchange

The Telephone Sets furnished to subscribers shall be carefully used in accordance with the rules of the management.

This service furnished is for the subscriber's immediate family and bona fide employees, and a charge of twenty-five cents for each call to others.

We do not guarantee the uninterrupted working of our lines or instruments and are in no way responsible for failure to work due to electrical disturbances, malicious mischief or discontinuances of service when reconstructing lines, or any other improvement, unless said service is discontinued for more than thirty-six working hours.

For non-payment of bills for local or long-distance the management holds authority to discontinue service after having given written notice.

If you do not desire to have long distance service charged to your phone, serve notice to the manager in writing. Otherwise, all calls originating at your telephone will be charged to you.

No rebates will be given for inferior service unless said service lasts for more than thirty-six working hours after written notice is given management.

When a telephone is installed it is located as desired by the subscriber and when moved thereafter is done at the expense of the subscriber. This expense is actual time of work and material used in wiring.

When reporting trouble do not simply tell the operator, but call No. 0 and someone will always be on hand to adjust your complaint.

Yours Truly,

Garland Telephone Exchange


It is our aim and desire to give the best service possible, and we admit that the best is none too good for you, but for us to give you service we must have your co-operation and assistance. By this we mean that we expect to extend every courtesy possible and you in turn to extend it to us.

One way of doing this is to use your directory, obtain the number of the party you desire connection with and give it to the operator. For No. 112 you should call one-one-two, not saying one hundred twelve. By doing the above you will make it so the operator can give you faster and more accurate service than if you call in the ordinary way, saying, "Give me the gin." or "Give me the McCallum's residence.", etc.

Always call by number and you will find your service fifty percent better, and enable us to change operators to allow vacations and in case of sickness.

There is yet another way of helping, therefore, from now on we will not permit any one holding a social conversation to be connected for more than five minutes, when another party is calling for the line.

Garland Telephone Exchange