Sketches of Kate James

Dallas County Pioneer

the Sketches of Kate JamesThe text illuminates writings of Kate James, a settler who arrived with her family by wagon in 1855. In most ways representative of the local norm, that family included a budding historian who recorded her lifetime of observations with monographs about friends, family and activities in the neighborhood of present Garland, Texas. Sketches offers more than genealogies of Garland’s old families. Expanding from excerpts published in The Garland News during 1927, its 160 pages illuminate life throughout Kate’s neighborhood as it developed from the 19th to the 20th century. Annotated, illustrated and indexed are recollections of education, religion, recreation, crime, farming, home building and the folks involved. Even mortuary practices are detailed. And the Civil War erupts in the middle of it all. Through Kate’s Sketches today’s reader can almost join her experience of life in the early days.

Edited by Michael R. Hayslip and published with support from The Summerlee Foundation, Sketches is available in both hard and soft cover editions.

When ordering, please mail payment to Garland Landmark Society, P.O. Box 462232, Garland, TX  75046

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