DUCK CREEK (Old, Old) – an unincorporated community situated near the vicinity of the present Barnes Bridge Rd. crossing of Duck Creek. This neighborhood encompassed parts of today’s Mesquite and Sunnyvale.

The first Post Office was apparently located in a store operated by Henry K. Valentine out of his home on the H. K. Valentine Survey along what had been (between 1844 and 1846) the Central National Road of the Republic of Texas. The later became Barnes Bridge Rd. in that area.

Official Title Appointed
Henry K. Valentine Postmaster 20 Jul 1848
    Discontinued on 28 Jul 1851

Reestablished on 26 Sep 26, 1854

Wm. M. Lyons Postmaster 26 Sep1854
Alex W. Webb Postmaster 07 Mar 1860
Alex W. Webb Postmaster 13 Mar 1862 (CSA)
    Discontinued on 5 Nov 1866

DUCK CREEK (Old) – began as a diffuse settlement spread primarily along the west side of said creek between present-day Kingsley Road and Walnut St., an area enveloped by today’s Garland city limits. Its nucleus developed near the present creek crossings of avenues B and D, some seven miles northwest of the earlier Duck Creek Post office. While the exact location of the post office here under Emily Strother is not known, news accounts indicate that it was reestablished in 1878 under William Alexander in his store.

    Reestablished on 12 Nov 1877
Official Title Appointed
Mrs. Emily Strother Postmaster 12 Nov 1877
    Discontinued on 8 Apr 1878

Reestablished on 22 Aug 1878

William M. Alexander Postmaster 22 Aug 1878
Kelley H. Embree Postmaster 22 May 1883
Jesse B. Alexander Postmaster 27 Mar 1884
Jefferson D. Robinson Postmaster 14 Jan 188


EMBREE – Post Office name changed from Duck Creek to Embree on 01 Feb 1887.

Embree was an unincorporated town developed in 1886 by the Santa Fe railroad and centered near the present BNSF (Santa Fe) crossings of Avenues B and D. After fire ravaged Old Duck Creek’s business district in January 1887, its post office was discontinued in favor of one in a store in nearby Embree, less than a mile to the east and now included within today’s Garland city limits. The postmaster, Jefferson D. Robinson, had relocated his business to Embree and retained the appointment.

Official Title Appointed
Jefferson D. Robinson Postmaster 02 Jan 18

Name changed from Embree to GARLAND on 09 Dec 1887


GARLAND – an initially unincorporated combination of Embree and New Duck Creek. Garland incorporated in 1891.

Official Title Appointed
Jefferson D. Robinson Postmaster 09 Dec 1887
Henry Noetzli Postmaster 02 Oct 1890
Charles H. Miller Postmaster 08 Apr 1892
Ada Martin Postmaster 07 Oct 1893
Richard C. Wyatt Postmaster 29 Sep 1897
George W. Crossman Postmaster 23 Feb 1905
Nora Lemmon Postmaster 22 May 1913
Grace Lemmon Postmaster 08 Mar 1918
Abram Quessenberry Postmaster 12 Apr 1922
Curtis D. Crossman Postmaster 22 Dec 1922
Mrs. Lottie E. Watson Acting Postmaster 15 Apr 1935
Frank Benton Crush Acting Postmaster 01 Jan 1936
Frank Benton Crush Postmaster 31 Jan 1936
James D. Wheeler Jr. Acting Postmaster 07 Sep 1956
Luther Glenn Pool Acting Postmaster 03 Mar 1961
Luther Glenn Pool Postmaster 16 Dec 1963
R. Lloyd Simmons Officer-In-Charge 31 Oct 1973
James A. Murphy Postmaster 13 Apr 1974
James Duncan Officer-In-Charge 31 Oct 1980
Anthony J. Milazzo Postmaster 04 Apr 1981
R. L. Simmons Officer-In-Charge 09 May 1986
John L. Billimek Postmaster 21 Jun 1986
Mary Cavanaugh Officer-In-Charge 03 Mar 1995
Ruben Gonzales Officer-In-Charge 13 May 1995
Jimmy L. Weatherford Officer-In-Charge 08 Feb 1996
Theodore Faulkner Officer-In-Charge 19 Feb 1996
Jimmy L. Weatherford Officer-In-Charge 19 Jul 1996
William E. McGrath Postmaster 14 Feb 1998
Daniel M. Reyes III Officer-In-Charge 02 May 2005
Maged S. Aziz Postmaster 20 Aug 2005
Louis L. Strother Officer-In-Charge 18 Jan 2007
Debbie Hendrix Officer-In-Charge 28 Mar 2007
Jack D. Weatherford Postmaster 26 May 20


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