Sir Peter Teazle (Uncle Sam) Throwing down the sentimental screen---“Lady Pan-Electric by all things wonderful!"
Joseph Surface (Cleveland) understanding that the situation is very embarrassing---I am sure that you will agree with my sentiments when---
Sir Peter--- "Oh d___n your sentiments!"

Garland - School for ScandalGarland, in dress at left, is caricatured as Lady Teazle, discovered behind a fallen screen in a scene from "School for Scandal." This comedy of manners, written by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, satirized the fickleness of reputation and the deceptive nature of appearances. The caption brands Garland as "Lady Pan-Electric" and implies that his fallen screen of honesty and trust has revealed his misdeeds. President Cleveland appears as the hypocritical Joseph Surface, whose secret involvement with Lady Teazle has been exposed.