From Garland Local History & Genealogical Society, Volume 3-Number 1, April 1974



Half cow and half buffalo, the Cattalo was first proclaimed by Colonel Charles J. (Buffalo) Jones as the salvation of the western range in 1888. Colonel Charles Goodnight contended that Jones was a little late as he had inadvertently become a Cattalo breeder some years before when a pet buffalo bull of his named Old Sikes developed a strong attachment for a number of Goodnight’s Longhorn cows. Apparently Goodnight became the largest breeder of Cattalo in the West.

The male calves were quite frequently sterile, and deaths occurred often in calf, mother or both. Most cattlemen considered the hybrid with its buffalo hump, goat like beard and voice like a low-pitched pig grunt a big mistake. William C. Kingsley considered the Cattalo an oddity that would draw visitors to his farm.

Following is the last in a series of letters on the care and feeding of these creatures from Col. Goodnight to Mr. Kingsley:

My Dear Mr. Kingsley –

In reply to yours of the 25th will say the buffalo will eat anything they are scavengers of the cow king. We often feed the heard of the covall waste. They had never seen corn get them on cakes we suppose they were eating cake when they left here. Peacake & meat is best for them, any kind of chops. If they are not eating any kind of feed. They are very smart are more so than cattle. It is the best to let the same man feed them until they are gentle. I am very much interested in you effort, and I will spare know pains in helping you. As soon as I feel a little better I will write you a long letter. You bought those heifers cheap I want you to feed them good. Give them all the salt they can eat. And be careful that the salt does not pack in the troos so they can get it. If you will take & mix 5% of well slack lime & 10% sulphor. Take a find garden sprinkler and sprinkle slowly coal oil in the rate (?)% one gallon to 100 lbs salt. More if you can afford it. Try this formula and see if cleans lice off your cattle. I look upon this as the most valuable discovery I have ever made. But mind you they must eat salt and not hard rock.

I remain yours                                                           (signed) C Goodnight.